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The Experience

Relaxation, rejuvenation, pampering, luxuries, & serenity.

At Studio 31, it is my pleasure to create an experience that is all about you.


Welcome! I'm Janay Allen Simmons and I like unicorns and long walks on the beach.

I am the owner and salon & spa professional at Studio 31 in Caneyville, Kentucky.

I love that I get to wake up every day and do my passion, and I make it a priority to exemplify that passion in every appointment. Consulting with every guest at my salon, I work to ensure that I understand, interpret and translate your requests into the finished look you desire.

“Connecting with clients is my favorite part of every service.”


With eight years experience, I have gained skills that have allowed me to master my craft. I’ve owned two salons, managed a salon and spa, and I participate in advanced education programs.

My guilty pleasures:

-Murder, She Wrote
-white socks with black pants
-the Pina Colada Song


For those looking for a cultured salon experience.

A serene, quiet atmosphere is enjoyed with every appointment here at Studio 31.

Where clients become guests, appointments are scheduled at only one per time slot. The goal is for every guest to feel valued, appreciated, and to leave the salon feeling amazing. Feeling rejuvenated is always paired with looking rejuvenated. Quality products are the heartbeat of every service.

Relax and enjoy your service along with a complimentary beverage & free wifi.

“Isn’t it time that luxuries felt luxurious?”


“Love your salon!! Love the decor, the atmosphere and… I get to leave looking soooo much better!! Thanks Studio 31!! Love it!”



Indulge in the following services at Studio 31:

Skin. Hair. Body. Makeup. Nails.


The skin you have now, is the skin you have for life.

Imagine - relaxing in comfort, warm steam misting your face, as your neck, shoulders and scalp are being massaged. You feel and smell a botanical mask being applied, followed by your feet being wrapped in steam towels, followed by a massage. Now your favorite part, the back and neck moisturizing treatment.


Feel the tension in your head sail away, as we finish with a sinus massage.


THE most sought after indulgence at Studio 31. With the skin being renewed and the body being uplifted, it is no wonder. After years of experience and searching for the perfect facial line, I found one & immediately fell in love. Facial massages center around Nerium’s Anti Aging Skincare. It’s one product, one step!

Enjoy this product as part of a facial service & purchase your own supply of Nerium in the salon.
Click the logo below for more information or to have it shipped directly to your door:


Quality hair products are used and individualized to ensure each guest's hair service is perfection.

Celebrity style, bounce, movement, and feel. It’s not a dream, it’s just another hair service at Studio 31.

Hair Cut

Everyone loves getting a new do… until they get home. Mini lesson on how to recreate at home included.

Hair Color

Do you want your hair to whisper, talk or shout? I can provide customization & creativity when it comes to mixing your formula & color placement. Red, blonde, brunette & every other color under the sun is possible.

Hair Styling

Not just for your great granny. Give your shoulders a break & allow me to get your hair week or weekend ready. PS - I love great grannies everywhere!

“Clients should always leave a salon looking as if they had just visited the salon.”


Hair Extensions

Your hair, but with added fullness, length, or color.
Looking for a long term relationship? Permanent extensions are applied using fusion techniques, last about 12 weeks, and remain in your hair until they are removed by me.
Not ready to commit? Temporary hair extensions are perfect for a special day and are easy enough to remove at home.

Thermal Straightening Treatments

Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer? Smoother?
Reduce the frizz factor in already straight hair, or choose to reduce the curl (and frizz) in curly hair by nearly ninety-five percent. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.


Adore. Your. Temple.

Visualize soft, refreshed, glowing, radiant skin.

Spray Tans

South Seas, an exclusive airbrush tanning line, featured on Dancing with the Stars, ensures celebrity-esque color & glow.
Shade “oompa loompa” currently unavailable.

Body Exfoliation

An even sweeter side of sugar. An all natural, sugar-based body polish is applied from neck to toe & removed with cozy steam towels. A short moisturizing treatment completes the service.

Full Body Waxing

Discover the no-fuss benefits of long-lasting hair removal & appreciate the clean feeling of smooth skin. Call for more information.


Makeup application is always a fun confidence booster.

Envision yourself flawless for all of life’s magic moments.

“My favorite makeup appointments are the 8:15 AM’s before a job interview, a random Tuesday because she loves herself & a Friday night because ‘I think he’s the one’. He ended up being the one & when I got to do her makeup at the wedding, that wasn’t bad either”


Clients can choose between two types of makeup application: Traditional or Airbrush.


My preferred, highly recommended & top choice of foundation application. Airbrush makeup is lightweight yet provides amazing coverage, as needed, based on the application. Custom blended colors for the perfect match. Waterproof, streak proof & extremely long wearing.


A more familiar technique. A beautiful complexion is achieved by using brushes & powder foundation.

Either application is perfect for the following occasions:
Photo shoot
Date night
Treat to yourself
False eyelashes are always complimentary.

Coming Soon

- Bella Lux -
A gluten free, mineral makeup - created by Studio 31.


Inner beauty makes a woman glamorous, nail polish helps as well.

At Studio 31, nails magically transform into jewels.


Manicures are not just for engagements. Be shaped, filed, massaged, pampered, & polished on any day that ends in Y.


A 45-minute love letter to your tootsies. Let me count the ways: grooming, exfoliation scrub, massage & polish.

Gel Polish

My soak-off gel lacquer system delivers a colorful manicure that last up to two weeks. And, because color is UV-cured to a completely dry finish, your feet can go straight into shoes right after pedicure and your hands can reach straight into your purse after a manicure.


Since I offer a salon that is so unique, I wanted to top it off with one more treat:

A boutique!

Treasures and trinkets that make your heart smile. The boutique features an array of items so unique, we rarely have more than one.

Jewelry, scarves, and other accessories make beautiful gifts for loved ones or for yourself. Be sure to check back often as the selection of items change frequently!

“I love the quote ‘in a world where you can be anything, be yourself’. “



Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday - 9 am - 12 pm

Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

105 3rd Street
Caneyville, KY

Let’s chat about what I can do for you - feel free to give me a call or send me a text.

If I am in an appointment, I may not answer a call, please leave a message and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible!

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